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Doozy® makes fine furniture finishes last longer and look better. Actually enhancing the appearance. It keeps furniture looking brighter longer and makes it easier to dust. Doozy® contains no waxes, petroleum distillates or other oils. Continuous use of cleaners and polishes containing waxes and oils can actually destroy furniture finishes. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem and it’s a Doozy! Doozy® Polish and Pre Cleaner are safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, polish and cleaner which are perfect for all of today’s and yesterday’s finishes. Doozy® has been tested and is recommended by a number of fine furniture manufacturers, and was found to be effective and safe. Doozy® is made exclusively in the U.S. and is currently being sold in an ever growing number of fine furniture, grocery and hardware stores nationwide.
Doozy® is a Green Product
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Doozy® Pre-Cleaner 64 oz
The Doozy Pre-Cleaner cleans multiple surfaces. Use to remove grease, oil, wax build up. Perfect for preparing the surface before applying Doozy polish. Use Doozy Pre Cleaner to remove stubborn build-up of dirt, oil, wax and grime on all sealed surfaces. Spray on, wipe off, repeat if necessary. Doozy Pre Cleaner can be used on all wood finishes, glass, plastic, laminate, leather, metal and even painted surfaces.
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